Tom Grubb
Sprint Voyager final assembly.JPG
Sprint Voyager final assembly.JPG
Artist on Tower
Capturing the Kinetic Element of the Sculpture
Installing Kinetic Element of Sculpture
Releasing the Crane
Inspecting the Kinetic Mechanism
Sprint Voyager with Trees.jpg
Sprint Voyager in Landscape
Kinetic Element of Sculpture
Sprint Voyager in the Clouds
Aerial View of Sculpture
Sprint Voyager final assembly.JPG
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Sprint Voyager final assembly.JPGArtist on TowerCapturing the Kinetic Element of the SculptureInstalling Kinetic Element of SculptureReleasing the CraneInspecting the Kinetic MechanismSprint Voyager with Trees.jpgSprint Voyager in LandscapeKinetic Element of SculptureSprint Voyager in the CloudsAerial View of Sculpture