Tom Grubb

Sandhills Voyager


Bamboo & Rope

H. 70 feet   L. 15 feet   W. 15 feet

Sandhills Voyager was fabricated from bamboo and rope and installed as part of a statewide exhibition of sculptures titled Art in the Garden. This sculpture is the first in a series of sculpture installations planned for sites around the world. The Voyager sculptures will be similar in design and be ephemeral objects that focus attention on the need for the conservation of our natural resources, the need for increased awareness of climate change, and the need for planned exploration of the stars.

The site of Sandhills Voyager is the Horticultural Gardens in Pinehurst, North Carolina, located adjacent to Sandhills Community College. Sandhills Voyager was awarded Best in Show by the Jurors.  The art students of Professor Denise Baker, Sandhills Community College, assisted in the installation of the sculpture.


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