Tom Grubb
My ephemeral site-specific sculptures are fabricated from bamboo and rope and are aligned with objects off earth (i.e. the moon, sun, stars, constellations, etc.) and the viewer over a period of time can see the bamboo age and turn gold in color and eventually brown. The primary colors of the rope will optically mix in the wind and the spectator can see secondary colors of pink, purple, orange, etc. Throughout history bamboo has represented man, bending in the wind and always springing back after adversity. With the ephemeral site-specific sculptures, I use primitive materials to explore sophisticated space.

 In my sculptures I combine elements found in physics, astronomy, navigation and sacred geometry to create my works of art.  I believe that the arts and sciences are closely connected to the health of the human spirit.  It is through this seeking of the unknown that one can grow and develop as a human being on planet earth.  I create these works of art that are part ancient, part futuristic and part spiritual to inspire the viewer to consider the unlimited possibilities of exploring earth and the universe and protecting our natural resources.

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