Tom Grubb
Star Gate View From Below
Star Gate View From Below
Tower Installation
Solar Panel Attached to Aluminum Sculpture
Attachment of Shackles
Welding at Night
Fabricating the Aluminum Grids
Power Coating Process
Battery Control Box
Installation of Time Capsule
Installing the Time Capsule
Artist Hooking Up to Crane
Artist Suspended by Crane During Installation
Unveiling the Sculpture
Artist Unveiling the Sculpture
View From the Side
Opening Ceremony
View From Above
Solar Panels
Sculpture and Church Steeple
Sculpture in the Clouds
Star Gate and Fountain
Star Gate View From Below
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Star Gate View From BelowTower InstallationSolar Panel Attached to Aluminum SculptureAttachment of ShacklesWelding at NightFabricating the Aluminum GridsPower Coating ProcessBattery Control BoxInstallation of Time CapsuleInstalling the Time CapsuleArtist Hooking Up to CraneArtist Suspended by Crane During InstallationUnveiling the SculptureArtist Unveiling the SculptureView From the SideOpening CeremonyView From AboveSolar PanelsSculpture and Church SteepleSculpture in the CloudsCrewmembersStar Gate and Fountain